Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rest of the week...

We hit a few road blocks this week. First off, Oakley isn't taking one of his meds very well. He's got great gag reflexes and manages to throw up his med every time we give it to him. Second, the doctors warned us that one of the chemo drugs Oakley would be receiving could give him mouth sores and often times patients end up with feeding tubes because it becomes so painful. They hit me this morning with wanting to give Oakley a feeding tube now because he was beginning to get the mouth sores and this would b an easy way to administer his drugs as well. I cried... then said do what you need to do to make my baby better. Then, they sent the dietician in... good news... NO feeding tube. Oakley is eating great and we've found ways of 'hiding' the med so that he doesn't gag. (They switched it to the pill form and now break it open and add it to a little Sprite or Rootbeer.) So far, our Oakley is doing great. He's still asking for lots of pepperoni, hot pretzels (buffalo wing flavored) and chips.

We're still having to cath Oakley every couple of hours and now the Dr.'s are talking about us having to do this at home. Seriously, do they not understand that I have two very curious little ones at home and a very uncooperative kid every time we tell him it's 'time'? We're keeping our fingers crossed that Oakley regains this ability very soon! As of now, he's not interested in using the potty.

David & the kids are headed down for a visit this weekend. We're excited to have them close again! :)

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  1. Joy... Wow I'm so sorry to hear about your little boy, this must be so hard. He sounds like such a trooper! You guys are in our prayers.