Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Last 14 Months in a QUICK Nutshell

Can you believe it? In some ways it doesn't seem like he's been going at this for over a year, but in the same breath, it's been such a looooong journey!

March 2010

June 2010

June 2011


Diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma June 29th, 2010

* Weighed in at a whopping 23 lbs.

* Wasn't walking, doctors said he may never walk again.

* Underwent a laminectomy (removal of tumor wrapped around his spine)

* Couldn't pee on his own, doctors said he may never pee on his own again.

* Decided to get started on a year long chemo regimen (First date of chemo July 1st, 2010)

Somewhere in the Middle:

* Many trips back and forth from Casper to Salt Lake City (6 hrs 1 way, approx. 2x a month)

* Many unexpected trips to Casper's so called hospital (don't ask), usually because of fevers

* 6 weeks of intense radiation therapy

* 2 Life Flight rides (much quicker than driving... maybe not as cost efficient)

* Enjoyed his 4 year birthday!

* Experienced many, many, many days full of ups and downs if only to lead us to...

Today: August 2011

* Weighs in at 27 lbs and climbing.

* Walks all over the place without assistance. (His walker is old news, says he had that for when he was 3; now he's 4 and doesn't need it to walk!)

* Peeing like a race horse, (couldn't resist) and has even started making it to the bathroom all on his own... when in a good mood! :)

* Learned to deal with an NG tube and esophageal stricture due to the radiation therapy

* And finally ................. drum roll, PLEASE ..............................

Finished ALL of his chemo treatments!!!! Yay!

What an amazing kid! Please keep Oakley in your prayers as we wait to do his scans next week to see where his cancer status is!

Fun-packed Summer

We've really been able to enjoy our summer this year. Oakley gets stronger as each day goes by. The last couple of months of chemo have been a little more gentle on Oakley so it's been easier for him to bounce back between treatments. He finds time to go to the basement and actually play with his toys!

Here's some of the things Oakley was able to participate in this summer:

He was able to help Dad & Grandpa with planting season this year. Oh how this boy loves his rides in the tractors. He wasn't really able to eat anything but he made sure to pack a lunch whenever he headed out. The first day out I didn't think he'd last more than an hour at most. He showed all of us and stayed for most of the day.

Enjoyed many rides in Grandpa & Uncle Andrew's Razors

Celebrated his 4th Birthday!

Oakley was miserable on his 3rd birthday. He was in a lot of pain and just didn't feel well. We had to beg him to open his presents and even then he didn't want anything to do with them after opening them. This year he was all smiles and he even took time to enjoy his toys!

He was invited to a birthday party where we learned that he really likes miniature golf. He insisted on doing everything by himself. We got an ear full if we tried helping him out in any way. It was fun seeing him enjoy hanging out like a normal kid. :)

Our TRUE Superman!

Attended the CNFR. Oakley LOVES watching the cowboys ride! :)

Actually made it camping. Oakley wasn't feeling the greatest but really enjoyed relaxing in the hammock with dad and Rowdy. He ended up with a fever by the time we got home. :(

Oakley was asked to be the ring bearer for his Uncle's wedding. He was so excited to carry the rings, he wasn't about to give the job up to his little brother! He wasn't feeling the best (had a fever by the end of the evening) so dad got to walk with him down the aisle.

Lastly, Oakley caught a fish THIS BIG!!! He was so proud of himself.