Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15th

Wow, a lot has happened already since I last updated... get used to me being behind, SORRY!

David and the kids came for the weekend. It was just what the Dr. ordered.

Oakley started using the potty! Yeah! He still wasn't emptying his bladder enough (still having to cath him intermittently) but he was going on his own! The doctors were pretty convinced he had lost this function, but Oakley proved them wrong! Way to go Oakley! :) Also, he started moving his toes a little! He's still not able to stand on his feet but he's moving his toes, that's progress! The doctors said one of the side effects of another chemo drug is drop foot. This means that he loses the ability to lift his feet at the ankles. So, really it could be a year before we know if he's even got the ability to move his feet and toes. Can't this little guy get a break?!

While the family was here visiting, we finally saw a new/old side of Oakley. Yep, we got to see him SMILE! It was so good to see him finally laughing and interacting with us. There were a couple nights where he wanted Harley to tickle him and they discussed how funny the cartoons were. It was so good to see these best of friends hanging out again.

Maverick wanted in on the sibling fun so he took Oakley for a ride in the wagon. Oh how Oakley loves to be outside. He begs to go outside at least once a day. It's hard telling him no on the days that his counts are too low to leave his room. Luckily his counts were up by the end of Dave's stay and we were able to take him outside. :)

Oakley has become quite the night owl. He plays grumpy all day and then by 11 PM, he's all fun and games. He loves just hanging out and eating of course. He loves playing with his Toy story characters, doing sticker books, playing his ABC computer game, and watching the Harry Potters. All of this until Mom & Dad can't keep their eyes open, usually around 2 AM we make him settle down and go to sleep. We can't bring ourselves to make him go to bed when he's in such a good mood. We enjoy hanging out with our old, silly Oakley.


  1. Joy -

    It's so good to hear how Oakley is doing! I am putting a little package in the mail to you guys, but I'm sending it to Casper. If you aren't around, make sure and have Dave bring it down to you guys! I'm glad Oakley's spirits are up, even if it is in the middle of the night! And that potty news is great - isn't it funny the things that make your day as a parent? Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you guys expecting #4. Another little boy will be so fun. - Lissi

  2. We're so glad that Oakley seems to be in better spirits and doing better. I love the picture of Maverick pulling Oakley in the wagon - too precious! Ashley asks about Oakley almost everyday. Congrats on finding out that it's another boy! We think about you guys all the time and are sending our love.

  3. It was so good to see you and be able to talk to you this last weekend! We are so glad that oakley is starting to be more like himself and that the medication is working okay for him so far. We will continue praying for him!!! We love you all and were glad to spend sometime with ya all!!!!!

  4. we are so glad that Oakley is doing better. he is such a sweet boy and wish him all the best. We pray for you guys all the time and love that oakley is asking for so much food, he is so silly. We love you guys. Congrats on your new little one coming, that is exciting.

  5. I'm so glad you're finally home. Good luck...I wish I was closer to help. Hang in there, Mr. Oakley!