Monday, November 8, 2010

Children's Western Wish Foundation

Oakley was chosen to be honored at the rodeo here in Casper by Children's Western Wish Foundation. These kind people provided Oakley will all his own cowboy clothing; from a sharp cowboy hat down to some great looking boots. Complete with an awesome belt buckle, chaps and rope. Boy did he get spoiled. We were all jealous. Everyone loves a good rodeo so most of the extended family came for the event.

Oakley has been pretty worn out from all the radiation so we were a little worried about how he'd handle being out and about. He LOVED the rodeo. We were able to go right down on the grounds, front row to the bull riders. Oakley hung over the railings in awe. Of course, the very first ride ended with the rider getting hung up and beat up. I thought we were a little too close for that particular showing but it didn't get discourage Oakley at all (only incident we were witness to). He made it through a couple rides, team roping and then was ready to go.

Along with the rodeo hype, Oakley welcomed a new baby brother the week before. To say Oakley wasn't thrilled would be an understatement.