Thursday, July 15, 2010

He's losing his hair!!!

Yep, Oakley is going bald... it's been kind of hard for me to watch. He's literally lost almost all of is hair in the last day and a half. All he has left is fuzz, and it looks blonde! Maybe I'll get my blonde hair, blue eyed kid after all! You've all heard those stories how people's hair grew back different colors or textures, eyes can change too can't they? I can wish can't I? :) Anyway, I can't believe how fast if fell out. His fighting and rubbing of the head all over his bed has helped with this I'm sure. Gosh, he's still such a cute kid ! :)

July 14th

(I think he's tired of me taking pictures... I want memories! )

July 15th

Okay, he actually didn't lose all of his hair. He's got a small bit of fuzz left on his head (and it looks a light blonde color in the right lighting... this'll be the closest I get to having a blonde haired child)! The nurses said if he hasn't lost it, he probably won't... as well as his eye lashes and eye brows. They've thinned out but he gets to keep his long lashes! Yeah!


  1. Oakley looks cute even rockin' the baldness!! Keep fighting O!
    We love you guys!!

  2. Thank you for keeping us all updated! You are an amazing mom!!!! We love you!!!

  3. Keepin' you in our prayers! You are amazing Joy for your positive attitude! Thanks for keeping us all updated through this blog. I think about you daily so I was glad Rick showed me this! Keep staying sounds like Oakley is a true fighter!!

  4. I agree with Larie - Oakley is so cute he can definitely pull off the peach fuzz look :) We think about you guys often and pray for Oakley to continue to do well!

  5. I have to agree with everyone else - Oakley is one cute kiddo - so glad he'll keep his long eye lashes. We continue to pray for Oakley's strength, along with your's and Dave's. Love you all.