Thursday, October 14, 2010

What did Oakley wish for?

I've been waiting to be home long enough to add pictures to the words...haven't made it yet but decided I'd better publish all my posts so you guys don't keep wondering how my little Oakley is doing. Eventually I hope to add pictures. Until then...

A playground with 3 green slides.

I didn't think Oakley's wish was necessarily reasonable (3 slides), let alone possible BUT Make a Wish can do anything! They found the perfect playground with 3 green slides. We can't begin to thank the Make-a-Wish team enough for all that they did for our sweet Oakley... as well as the rest of the kiddos. We got to know the coordinator for the foundation (Dana), an awesome contractor (Doug), and the most kind and selfless wish grantors ever (Steve & Deb).

I don't now if you guys know how the Make-a-Wish thing works but I'll share a little with you. Each year, many children that have been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition are given the opportunity to make a wish. Then the wonderful people, most of which I understand are volunteers, help make these sweet kid's wishes come true.

In Oakley's case, 3 green slides could not be granted by a wave of his grantors wands. Nope, they had to get dirty. They went right to work on assembling Oakley's playground.

This was a fun project that the whole family was able to help with.

They were so kind in allowing Harley & Maverick the opportunity to "help" and Oakley got to sit along the sidelines overseeing theproject. :) Nothing much was said from his end so hemust have been pleased with what was going on.

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