Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 9 (A trip to UT with dad)

David was able to take some time off and accompany us this week. We loved the company...

Here's what my boys did:

We found a basketball hoop and Oakley LOVED shooting his spiderman ball!

David found a trike that Oakley fell in love with. We went out everyday for a ride. Oakley started out being pushed and by the end of his 5 day treatment, he was riding that trike by himself. It has been so amazing for me to see how far he's come.

When we get to go outside, Oakley loves spending his time in the garden. He especially loves throwing things into the water. It started out being little rocks but some how he got hooked on throwing his "nomies" in the water. (I think it was because he saw other people's money in the water and thought that was pretty cool.) We started gathering pennies so he wasn't throwing away our dimes and quarters. Yep, the kid who loves collecting his "nomies" also loves throwing them away! Okay, I'm sure he's not throwing them away, I'm sure the money goes to a good cause! :)

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures. I got to spend the night with Oakley the night before, I don't think there was much sleeping going on. (We took turns staying at the Ronald McDonald House because we both didn't need to stick around at the hospital and not sleep.) Anyway, David showed up around 8 AM and immediately climbed into bed with Oakley. Here's where they laid until...

Yep, you're reading that clock correctly... 10:45 AM. I think I actually took the picture before they woke up, so imagine another 15-20 minutes before they actually came to for the day and ordered some breakfast!

Just a picture of me and my boy. I promise, I'm not squeezing him, this is his "smile" face. We're working on not having him look so pained! :)

I loved that he was in such a good mood this entire round. He did however start up with the nausea and vomiting around day 3. This was no fun for us watching him empty his stomach at least twice a day but it didn't seem to slow him down any. He still asked for his regular meals & snacks, ate them and thoroughly enjoyed them.

One more random picture... He loved sunbathing in the windowsill and
watching the cars drive by.

We were also able to go to dinner with some great friends from Indiana and were lucky enough to talk Uncle Carl into baby-sitting for a couple hours. Oakley enjoyed the change in company and we enjoyed the evening out with friends. Thanks Uncle Carl!!! Oakley still talks about how Uncle Carl lost his brown shoes. (He put them away on a shelf in the closet and it took us a while to find them.)

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