Monday, August 30, 2010

Another delay...

ANC = 1.13 Awesome counts...BUT... now he has low platelets. This would probably explain the little bit of trouble we were having getting his bloody noses to stop. We didn't think anything of it at first because everyone was getting them and we figured it was the air filter and dry weather we were experiencing. Not to worry, he didn't lose a lot of blood with his nose bleeds but it did take some time to get them to clot and stop bleeding. So, we were delayed yet again, but this time because his platelets were low. They thought there might be a chance for them to come up on their own so we waited.

Yet another great week for Oakley. His counts were high so he was feeling high! :) He spent as much as he could handle, being outside. He can now ride his trike all by himself! Way to go bubba!

He's found a new passion for painting...

and has mastered the talent of balancing on the "horse" while Maverick causes distractions from behind.

It really has been such a fun week with Oakley because he's been so energetic and playful. It was kind of nice giving his body a little needed break. He was finally able to feel more like himself.

Just had to throw this picture in. I love the three of them enjoying lunch together.

So, his platelet count didn't come up on their own so we were told he would need a platelet transfusion: They will get all of the kinks worked out just in time for Oakley's chemo treatments to reach an end, I know they will! They called and asked me to bring Oakley into the hospital Wednesday morning. I had to find a sitter so it took me a couple hours before I got him there. I think we made it there about 11 AM, not too shabby. Anyway, they checked him in, gave him a room, took his blood and told us he wouldn't be receiving the transfusion until 11 that night. Seriously?! What the heck were we doing there? The doctor came in and checked on us around 12:30 to which I, being nice, asked him why we had to sit around the hospital doing absolutely nothing for 10 hours? He agreed that there was no need for us to be there and so he had us discharged until the platelets arrived. (Did I forget to mention that the blood and platelets are ordered from Cheyenne?) We headed home and enjoyed our day in the comforts of our own home. The hospital said they'd call when the platelets were there.

So time comes and goes...10:00 no call...I call at 10:30, they say it'll be another hour or so...11:00...11:30...12:00, still no call...12:30 I call AGAIN, now I'm nagging. I get the green light to bring him in and the platelets should be ready by 1ish. We arrive at 1, the platelets are there but they must wait for another blood draw to make sure everything is compatible. 2 am rolls around, still no blood drawn. 3 am, they show up to get his blood and inform me it will take an hour to get the results. 4 am they finally start his transfusion which runs over 2 hours. 6:30 am, they get him discharged and we get to go home. What a NIGHT!!!

After all is said and done, we do get the green light to head to Salt Lake for the weekend to hit week 11 treatment. Yeah!


  1. Have I told you before how amazing you are!! And Oakley too. Seeing him ride that trike all by himself was awesome!! We continually pray for him and your family, I hope you know how much we love ya!! :)

  2. I am so glad Oakley is having fun and riding around. Thank goodness for good weeks. Let us know if you need anything and I will be glad to take the kids when you need a break. :)

  3. I LOVED seeing Oakley riding his bike all by himself!! GO Oakley!! We know you are a fighter, and such a sweet little boy. I love hearing Harley's cute little voice. I miss your family and I too wish we lived closer so I could get to know your kids better. We can't wait to meet your next sweet little guy. So glad that Oakley has had some great days, and we hope you are taking good care of yourself Joy and Dave. Call me if you are ever on a long drive! I'd love to talk

  4. Loved reading your updates, and so glad to see Oakley riding his trike. I hope everything went well last week, assuming you were able to go to SL. We'll be there on Monday...let me know when you're coming down next.

  5. yay for the bike ride! so exciting to see little Oakley getting stronger!
    thank you so much for sharing your journey. What a strong family! We pray for you all often!