Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 8 (Home Again)

Oakley did AWESOME on the drive home! I think he did so good because he knew I was driving and couldn't do much else for him. He rode in his seat without a fuss, slept enough and only asked to stop once... he was hungry! :) We made a stop in Rock Springs for a 'hangaburg' and fries at his request... which once we finally made it back into the car he told me he was going to save it to share with Harley & Maverick. That's my boy, he was always so good at sharing! We ended up having to stop two other times, once for me and once for gas. I know, next time I'll try to coordinate the stops better, should be able to make the drive with only one stop! :)

As usual, Oakley was soooooo excited to be home again! He is continually improving! He was fitted for braces that are supposed to keep his calves stretched so there's not as much therapy needed later... and got a second pair to wear during the day. We love having this smiling and happy little boy home with us. Harley loves having her pal around to play/argue with as well.

David found these little tykes cars on clearance at Walmart. We made the mistake of buying only one and had to go back the next day for the second car. We have to pry these boys from their cars when it's time to go in. They love being pushed up the driveway and then to coast back down. David has much more muscle behind his pushes so they usually make it all the way up the driveway for a longer ride. When I push, they only make it halfway. I guess it's back to the gym for me...

Oakley remembers being a normal 3 year old. He's got a lot of determination and drive to do the things he used to be able to do. This hopefully will help him out in his future recovery therapy. He wanted to ride his bike so he and dad fixed the seat and off he rode... we wish, but he did try VERY hard to ride his bike. He did become frustrated several times because his legs were 'broken' and he probably would have stayed outside all night trying if we hadn't insisted that he come in and take a rest.

I know I've said this a million times, but what a trooper! This kid has more guts than I have ever had. I know I would have given up but this little guy keeps pushing ahead! He actually enjoys wearing his braces and has tried several times to stand up with the help of the couch.

This week was also our trial run with receiving chemo treatment here in Casper. Oakley got to meet Dr. Myers and receive his Vincristine Chemo. What a nice change, we got a week off from driving to UT. This particular medication is injected right in the office and is given over just a few minutes. It was a quick 1 hour visit and then we get to go home. Oakley liked this! We think it was a success and we're excited for the weeks that he can just stay here and receive the Vincristine.

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  1. What a determined little guy! Neither of my boys have even tried to hop on a bike yet - and go Oakley - with leg braces he's getting up on a bike and trying - that is pretty amazing. So glad you are able to try out some chemo there in Casper - long drives in a car repeatedly with kids is sooo yucky - and I can't even imagine trying it with a sick little guy. Good luck!