Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year...same old stuff!

Oakley is finally starting to feel like his same old self...prior to radiation. I think that the radiation really took a toll on his little body.

In the month of January:

Oakley got to help dad celebrate his birthday!

As mentioned earlier, Oakley is FINALLY started feeling good enough to actually play. He's found a new love for video games. He asks to play the xbox at the hospital all the time now. It's hard finding games that he can actually figure out and play though. At home he loves playing the original nintendo and the nintendo 64. Our family can handle these kind of old school video games! :)

Oakley also enjoys playing Hullabaloo! Such a fun kids game. He 'jumped' off the couch when we got the game. The kiddos had so much fun playing and probably would have played all night long if Harley didn't have school in the mornings. When Oakley got tired of crawling around, he made dad carry him from shape to shape. What a FUN family night!

Ready for bed.

Oakley's new thing... okay really he can't make up his mind about a lot of things these day so every day is almost a new day of things he likes or dislikes, things he wants or doesn't want and so on.

Anyway, here are a few of his 'new' facts for January:

He likes his video games... Excite Bike
He likes going to bed in his clothes.
He's starting to be able to eat and keep down more of his food.
He still loves his hot pretzels & hot cheetos.
Hot dogs are yummy one bite and the next taste yucky... this trend follows much of his eating habits since radiation.

Oakley has got a few more months of traveling back and forth to Utah and then FINALLY his trips to Salt Lake will slow down and he'll be able to receive more of his treatments here in Casper. Yeah for all of us! :)

Thanks to all of you who have cared so much for our little Oakley and wanted to follow his journey. I will TRY to keep a better log of his activities!

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