Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Platelets, & another fever

Actually this week started out just needing a platelet transfusion... with a slight fever we were watching. Again, I ended up having to take him into the hospital, waiting for an hour to have a type and cross drawn for his platelet transfusion, only to be told we didn't need to come in for that and to go home until the platelets arrived. Yes, I was fuming again! One day they will get this all figured out and by then, we won't need them! Ha ha!

We did get to go home for the night however and didn't have to be back until the next afternoon. Oakley did great, I think it was because he didn't have to be accessed again, already had that done from the day before. He still had that slight fever that he didn't want to let go of so I told the nurse we'd probably end up back if his fever didn't break.

Yep, a trip back to Wyoming Medical Center that evening. His fever started creeping up and I felt that I had already waited too long to take him in. What a pain. We know what has to be done but there's always a protocol to follow. We sit in the ER for what seems like FOREVER, they tell us his counts are low and we're moved upstairs. Oakley still doesn't care for this hospital. He completely shuts down. Actually I think he's kind of fond of one nurse, he doesn't mind letting her take care of him. Anyway, after a dose of an antibiotic and a dose of tylenol, his fever of course dropped (literally in an hour) but now we're stuck there for the 48 hours required.

Luckily my parents had come out for a visit so we had someone to watch the kids. I know I've said it a million times but Thank You so much to everyone who has been so willing to take care and raise my other two kids while I've been busy with Oakley. I feel that a thank you isn't enough and I will repay all of you someday!

Sorry I don't have any pictures again, I'm limited with my resources since I'm not at home and don't have full access to the picture library. I'll update later with pictures.

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